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Originally Posted by Dirt View Post
The healthcare and insurance industrial complex is doing just fine, thank you. Profits have never been higher......... Buying politicians and subverting the government is very profitable.Certainly at odds with my only hope....... My only hope is that We The People can innovate faster than the oligarchs can destroy OUR government.

For-profit healthcare and it's insurance is a stupid way of ensuring healthcare for a nation, thus leading to an unhealthy nation, both physically and economically.

“Medicare For All” is the answer.......... It's just a matter of time before the liberal mindset once again prevails, and the conservatives yet again find themselves on the wrong side of history.
If it's our government how does the insurance industrial complex buy and subvert it? How do oligarchs destroy "Our" government?

It is impossible for a single representative to actually represent the incredibly diverse and large of number of people he supposedly represents. Our current economic situation is evidence that there is no "our" government. These people run for office to get paid and look out for themselves. That means doing what the oligarchs and industrial complexes tell them to.

Insurance companies having to deal with customers direct is the only way costs can be controlled. It's the corrupting force of regulations and mandates that the insurance companies use to obtain a monopolistic market that drives up their profits and decimates our choices.

Medicare is broke and is the main reason for costs exploding. It can not be sustained.
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