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Originally Posted by Smedley Fingers View Post
If it's our government how does the insurance industrial complex buy and subvert it? How do oligarchs destroy "Our" government?

It is impossible for a single representative to actually represent the incredibly diverse and large of number of people he supposedly represents. Our current economic situation is evidence that there is no "our" government. These people run for office to get paid and look out for themselves. That means doing what the oligarchs and industrial complexes tell them to..
The insane decision on Citizens United handed down by the conservative leaning Supreme Court certainly didn't help to curtail the problem. In fact, it made it perfectly legal to bribe public officials.

Originally Posted by Smedley Fingers View Post
Insurance companies having to deal with customers direct is the only way costs can be controlled. It's the corrupting force of regulations and mandates that the insurance companies use to obtain a monopolistic market that drives up their profits and decimates our choices..
Insurance companies have been dealing directly with customers for years. Fuck the insurance companies, they provide absolutely no vital services. They simply skim loads of money from the top and deny medical services in interest of increasing their profits........... The corrupting force of money in politics thwarting regulation is what produces monopolies.
Originally Posted by Smedley Fingers View Post
Medicare is broke and is the main reason for costs exploding. It can not be sustained.
That's precisely what the Wall Street banksters' corporate owned media want you to believe. They would just love to divert all of the Medicare and SSI dollars to Wall Street......... Medicare works just fine, (as do other single payer systems around the world) and is solvent for years to come, despite the Republican's repeated attempts at sabotage. e.g., Medicare Part D, which won't allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices, and the doughnut holes (cuts in services) which opened the door for Medicare supplemental policies.

Single Payer systems such as “Medicare For All” negotiate and implement price control for services and prescription drugs, thus lowering costs. Also, they operate on a much much much lower overhead than do insurance companies.......... Medicare currently runs on a 2% overhead
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