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Mad Goose Just getting started

Jan 7th 1200noon GMT deadline. Sharpen you chops fellas!
PM me yr tracks

To help you out....

Additional Info/Guide from the video:

120bpm / Chord progression:
II: Dmin7b5 I G7 I Cmin7 I Cmin7 :II

On the track, you will hear extensions of these chords - as is common in jazz of course

Scale suggestions:
C minor scale - C D Eb F G Ab Bb (C)
(Dmin7b5 chords and Cmin7 chords)
C harmonic minor scale - C D Eb F G Ab B (C) ..... (MG: PHRYGIAN if you start from the 5th note!)
(G7 chords)

Basic arpeggios:
Dmin7b5 arpeggio = D F Ab C
G7 arpeggio = G B D F
Cm7 arpeggio = C Eb G Bb

Next up, try out some more advanced colours on the dominant chord (G7) by treating it as an altered chord and using the altered scale:

G altered scale - G Ab Bb B Db Eb F (G)

The altered scale is the mode which starts on the 7th step of the melodic minor scale, so in other words - the 7 notes of the G altered scale are the same as those of the Ab melodic minor scale

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