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Originally Posted by Aquilidar View Post
Xray, there is a reason as to why mental disorder such as depression is called a mental illness. Do you really think that people suffering from it want to go through all of this? Everybody's different, some come out of it and in other cases it ends fatal as with Chris Cornell. Depression kills and having it doesn't mean that you are weak, it means you are ill. People often confuse the two and the difference is vast. I never went through depression, but I've been dealing with mental disorders for years, mainly OCD. I never asked for this at any point and before I got better I used to envy other people having their everyday, down-to-earth worries. I'm sure people with depression feel similar.

You are entitled to your opinion, as you said, but you wouldn't be saying that if he had cancer. And feeling sympathy for his family is not mutually exclusive with feeling sympathy for Chris, as Mr. Boston said.
Was just about to write the exact same thing, when I saw your post. +1

Would we call a cancer patient weak ? No. There is A LOT of misunderstandings and ignorance when it comes to mental illnesses.
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