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Originally Posted by Xray View Post
Did you see the part where I wrote:

"The only way I can condone taking your own life is in war to advert capture and people with serious terminal disease."

So no, don't think I'd be saying that about cancer either.
Yes I know you wrote that and it was my whole point - that when people have cancer, no one says they are weak or selfish, but suddenly when it comes to depression, they are viewed as such. No one chooses to have cancer or depression. And I'm talking about a mental illness here, not that you have a low mood for a day or two.

Originally Posted by Xray View Post
I also said:

"don't feel sorry for him at all but do his family."

Why don't you try reading what people have said before jumping on your box ?
I'm not sure how what I wrote shows that I didn't read what you wrote (which I did, by the way). Your point was to not feel sorry for Chris, but be sorry for his family. I backed up Mr. Boston on his statement that you can be sorry for both. What's the problem?

Originally Posted by Xray View Post
You think what you want, I don't care how many others agree with you, you ain't gonna change my mind so might as well stop trying.
I always have been very dubious of the "temporary insanity" defense for murderers/rapists ect for the same basic reasoning that I don't see being bummed out as a valid excuse to kill yourself.
Cheap excuse is all it is - And people with addictions tend to look anywhere they can for an excuse.
You write about excuses, but I don't even agree with using that word in that context. People with cancer don't have an excuse to die, it is the reason they die. It is the same with depression.

I never tried to change your mind, because I don't think I can even if I wanted to. However if you state your opinion on something, be ready for a possibility of a counter-view.
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