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ifloegel Just getting started
Default (Drummer) Searching for guitar and bass player


I just registered this board and I think I'm quite right here!

So I'll introduce myself first:
My name is david, i'm 19 and I'm from Germany.
I've been playing drums for more than 15 years now and I'm searching for a collaboration with good musicians. I also play piano and a bit guitar.

My musical interests are pretty versatile actually.. I listen to a lot of electronic music in the moment, pop music, rock music and prog-rock music.

I would like to start either a "project" only to try out crank shit (like gavin harrison & 05 ric) just to become better on the set technically (and musically) - or start a real "band project" with writing songs (which would require singer and keyboard player..)

If you're interested, message me
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