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Default SPL Reducer smoking

Hi guys,

so I recently bought a SPL reducer for my Marshall 1959 SLP half stack as it was way to loud for my eardrums.
When it first arrived I played it and it started to smoke and the smell that came off of it was unbearbale. It smelled like a shit ton of chemicals where burning and my house smelled like this for a couple of days. So I called the store where I bought it and returned it as faulty and got myself a new SPL reducer today hoping this one would work.
Now I have the same problem as with the other one I returned. It smokes and smell really badly. Now I read that it could be rest glue that is burning, is this allways the case with attenuators? Or is this just another faulty one?

I have my amp set to 8ohm, attenuator set to 8 ohm, and cab set to 8 ohm. So its not like its receiving to much power.

Thanks in advance!
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It sounds like your Attenuator is just a CHOKE COIL. My guess is when you use it, you lose a bunch of high frequencies and the Choke acts as a resistance and gets hot. When it gets hot for the first several times, it will burn off some of the transformer wire insulation varnish. It should sting your eyes and maybe make your nose run. Marshalls should have a clean channel and an overdriven channel. You should be playing through the clean channel and keep the amps volume down around 9 o'clock and then turn the guitar's volume control down to a pleasant level. You shouldn't even need to put an attenuator in between the amp and speaker. Most attenuators that I've seen go between the instrument and amp input.
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Turn down the volume if it's too loud---there is a knob on the amp, and at least one on the guitar---and read the instruction manual before you burn your house down!
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Those are usually a variable transformer type setup, like a variac, if it's smoking there is too much current going through it. Odd are, your marshal is too powerful with the volume up for it to handle the current.

does it have a current or wattage rating on it?
what exact make/model is it?
Is your Marshal 100w?
How high did you have the volume?

Here is a 100watt one that 'should' handle a 100 watt amp, although I'd still never crank an amp all the way.
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