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Default Best acoustic bass

What is the best acoustic bass?
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Hi Hat
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Do you mean the double bass type instruments?
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GarethB Just getting started

I think he means a four or five string bass acoustic guitar. Unfortunately his question is very vague. "Best" in what way? It's kind of like asking "what is the best flavour of icecream?". Different people will have different opinions on what is "best".

"best" value for money?
"best" tone?
"best" comfort to play?

Once in a while I think about getting an acoustic bass guitar but I keep reminding myself that I don't play the electric basses I already own very much, so I wouldn't play an acoustic bass much either.

I just had a thought while typing this post. I wonder how an electric bass would sound played through one of those pedals designed to simulate an acoustic guitar sound from an electric guitar.

A quick check of youtube found one demo of the Boss AC-3 acoustic simulator pedal with a J style electric bass. The bass sound with the pedal is somewhere between an electric bass and an upright bass IMO, but not the type of sound that I'd want for an "acoustic bass" tone.

This is the sort of "acoustic bass" tone I'd want.
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