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KamaK Just getting started

When in doubt... Yamaha. The FG-830 is my typical recommendation. I sometimes recommend their L series stuff for singer songwriters that need a stage-acoustic.

Ultimately, the FG-830 with DaD' PBronze strings has that "every folk guitar you've ever heard" quality to it. If I had to name a guitar it rips, it would be the D-28. They're also reliable, typically easy/straightforward to setup, and the cosmetic upgrades give it a passable look. They stay in tune, and play really well. They're also an easy resale, especially if you spring for the hard case.

FS-830 if she's seriously petite.

If you're not a Yamaha fan.. Any of the following guitars should be absolutely fine...
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prairieschooner Just getting started

Thanks for all your help!
No Electric for us simply Acoustic (maybe an electric pickup), this is a bucket list thing for her & that is that.
I was hoping to get her a birthday present but since we are 3 hours away from most anything right now that will have to wait until we get closer to civilization.
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GuitMan Just getting started

How about a cutaway classical like the Almansa 435. Their bodies tend to be a bit smaller than a full size acoustic.
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