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Originally Posted by GeneticPanda View Post
Does anyone happen to know the value of a Mayorca Model Maria 34" acoustic guitar? The label is all in spanish. I inherited it but I'm not really interested in it so I'm looking into selling it.
Well I found this one here - listed at $45
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I posted this earlier in the 'next guitar you will buy' thread, but the guys at Guitar Center (not where I got it tho) said that Deans have stickers with their serial numbers. This one seems to be missing its sticker.

All I know is that it's a Dean with humbuckers, a rosewood fingerboard, a 3 way switch, a volume pot and a tone pot.

Can anyone tell me what model this is from looking at it?

Update: One google 'dean guitars' image search later and ...

The Dean EVO XM

I found it. It's this one.
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Hey guys, I need some help identifying a guitar. We found it in my grandfather's basement after he passed away a couple of years ago. Its not in good condition. I know very little about it, except that its from before the 80's, it's a Harmony guitar, and it has a hollow body(I think, I know very little about guitars). Unfortunately, I can't upload images because I haven't made enough posts.

UPDATE: Only a few minutes after making this post I found out it's a "Harmony / Rebel H684 / 1970's / Sunburst / Guitar". I can find barely any info about it online.

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