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Originally Posted by Buster View Post
Thanks for the input, sadly i can't stand tele's. They just don't appeal to me at all. I'll take a look at the squire though!
I thought so too. I'm into heavy stuff which are usually associated with strat type or les paul types. I always thought of the tele as a grampa guitar... until played one! Or, maybe I just got older too. Scale size, neck, controls... just made perfect sense! I modded it though... single sized buckers on the bridge for chugga and high output on neck for cleans and bluesy tones. Mod'ing it is a breeze too! Just pop put the control plate and solder away! You can even play it with its guts out to test out your mods! I am loving it that I play my strat type with whammy guitar rarely.
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Originally Posted by KamaK View Post
The catch is.....

Most retailers operate on a 40% markup.. That $500 guitar in your browser is really a $300 instrument. This is why you have everyone jumping out of the woodwork telling you to buy used.

Other issues that you'll face....

A $2000 guitar is one trussrod-turn away from playing like a $200 guitar. A $500 guitar is about 2-hours work from playing like a $2000 guitar. Acquiring basic luthier tools/skills is a must.

Amps either do many things poorly (Line 6 Spider) or one thing very well (59 Bassman reissue). There is no "one-amp-to-rule-them-all". You'll probably end up with something like a THR for your bedroom, and an AC30/Bassman for real playing.

People suggest Fender Telecasters for beginners because they're too simple to fail, inexpensive, easy to play, easy to maintain, good sounding, relatively diverse, durable, and easy to resell. You're not buying it to play, you're buying it to learn to play. If you want a Les Paul, plan on it being your second guitar and begin saving/budgeting now.
It's almost a taboo to buy a new electric haha.
I've been looking at used EC-401, they go for around 400 on ebay sometimes. A few days ago there were like 4 of them for around 400, now theres only one. Seems like i should just check it daily and hope for a good deal to come along.
EDIT: Was wrong, the others are still on there, they weren't showing up on my phone for some reason.
EDIT: I'm just now seeing that you have to pay import costs (atleast from the US), so next to the ridiculous high shipping costs and the import fees, how am i saving money exactly? Now i have to narrow it down to Europe only... that's why i dislike used-guitar shopping, too much compromise...

EC1000 tend to go for 600+ that's too much for me.

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I just had second idea. Since you already play and have an acoustic, why not just get a soundhole pickup and try it out. I have one on my acoustic and it works great for most things. If I push it a little bit, it even gets a bit dirty for tunes like China Grove. That way, you're looking at a $60 experiment that might just do what you want. Then you can save, and save, and save, and save until you can get exactly what you want.
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Originally Posted by KamaK View Post
I'm part of the large group of individuals that think that new guitarists should simply be issued a Telecaster by the state authority.

In the OP's case, it would be a 72 Telecaster Deluxe reissue.
Hahaha. You can't go wrong with a Tele. A Strat is another good choice .
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Well, my first guitar was an Ibanez RG-3. Hardtail, because I didn't care about/ want to deal with a trem system. Has 2 vintage humbuckers in it, and a 5 way switch for coil split options.

I did a ton of research beforehand, but this is the guitar that felt right in MY hands when I went a-buying. Basically, it's a super Strat. Cost me $350.

Of utmost importance is, does it feel good in YOUR hands (ie will it make you WANT to pick it up and play it). is it easy to play. (not making learning any harder than it needs to be) And will it stay in tune.

I think you're making a good choice avoiding the cheap entry level stuff. To get that cheap price, they have to compromise somewhere and it's often in the quality of life dept. Dodgy tuners, a cheap plastic nut, and a crappy bridge will make keeping your guitar in tune a royal pain in the tookus. Poor finish could leave your hands bloody from sharp fret ends, or just have a yukky feeling neck finish. (I bought a cheapie strat as a knockabout to take on the road with me. It literally feels like the back of the neck was finished by rubbing it with crayons...)

They often have cheap and nasty wiring jobs and really cheap pickups that sound like arse, no matter what you do.

And, of course, when you go to upgrade or sell it, it won't be worth jack. Those entry level guitars are mostly for parents to buy kids who are begging for one with no idea if they'll play it after Christmas break is over, lol.

On the other hand, a decent mid range guitar ($300 or so new US. Not sure what that would be in europe where it sounds like you're from...) normally has at LEAST fairly good quality. Some are surprisingly good for the money. There are LOTS of choices in this price range. And if you just don't click with it, or guitar playing in general, you can get something for it.

For example, the higher end of Squier and Epiphone have some darn good guitars for the $$ Like the Classic Vibe series someone mentioned. Many of the Mexican made Fenders are very good buys as well, and quite affordable. I tried out a Mexican HSS Strat a while back that felt, played and sounded amazing- and only cost $450. The ONLY reason it didn't leave with me is that I was smart and didn't bring any money, lol. (I was having a minor issue looked at by a tech, and browsing whilst I waited) Ibanez and Schecter also make some very nice guitars that are really affordable. A $350 Schecter Solo Special is one of my go to favorites to play.

Hopefully that helps give you some things to look at!
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Last note:

When asked which brand to buy without knowing the recipient, geography/availability, or style of music they play (Usually someone asking what to get as a gift for their kid to learn on), I simply respond....


Yamaha has been making not-completely-horrible instruments for a number of decades, and I'm comfortable recommending their stuff sight-unseen knowing that the recipient will get a functional instrument. Their Revstar deserves a look.
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There is no "beginner" guitar or "expert" guitar. A beginner can play any guitar. It just depends on what you like which is subjective. Once you know what you are doing you will find out that expense isn't even really a factor.

There are very few "bad" guitars. You can buy most any guitar that you like the looks and feel of and make it work. If it's not set-up properly you aren't going to like any guitar. If it is, you'll like most any guitar.

A Gibson Les Paul isn't any "better" than a properly set-up Epiphone Les Paul. One is just prettier potentially.

Used guitars are generally very similar to new guitars except in price. Most people only play at home and even then only occasionally so when a guitar like that is sold it will be little different than a new guitar...just much cheaper.

I don't buy new guitars anymore. Find a used PRS SE, or a MIM Strat or an Epiphone Les Paul for under $400, make sure it is properly adjusted and there will be no crap shoot.
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Alright, i'm going used. Looking at some Yamaha Pacifica 611's right now, seems to be a good one, but i'm just gonna keep an eye out and see what i can find. Not much choice to be honest.

Going used also eases some of the money issues, since i can put off buying an amp. I
can't return a used guitar anyways so i would be committed at that point anyways.
If i buy a new guitar i feel obliged to immediately have an amp to test it in case i need to send it back.

Better guitar, less money headaches. great! i hope.....
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All the guitar stores near me have really limited stock, usually only higher end guitars or they only have unregocnizable brands

What other brands are there. Take a note do some research they may have hidden gems there that are ideal for you and you don't know.
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I am an old guy and have owned everything basically, including pre cbs fenders and some great newer guitars of all shapes and sizes. These days, so me of the best and cheapest guitars I have played have been Schecters. A used Schecter is cheap and generally very good. Mosdel depends on what you like.
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