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Began teaching in the 4th grade, mimicking as best I could the songs I heard on the radio. Found a local H.S. that was offering summer music lessons on all instruments. They had a guitar ensemble of teenagers who would perform at local events that took more advanced lessons, then taught the beginners. I was moved to intermediate quickly and a couple of the older kids took me under their wing - I got a bit more instruction than the other students and was able to jam with them, sometimes even getting the opportunity to throw in some lead licks.

Later on, we moved away from that area, more self-teaching for awhile. My Mom found a jazz guitarist who was giving lessons. He'd come by the house, give me my 1/2 hour of instructions, then stick around to jam with my Mom who was a fantastic singer. I'd follow along as best as I could.

Went to live with my Dad who saw no value in playing the guitar - no lessons, back to self-teaching. Hooked up with several people over the years and jammed, in and out of garage bands, played out a few times - learned more by doing this than anything else. Took a few piano lessons in between, I can read music, but I can't site read.

Music instructors make their living by keeping their students coming back, they won't move you along too fast. I appreciate those who would just teach you songs, but the best ones teach rudiments. I know several accomplished musicians who will take a lesson or two now and then.

If the internet had been around when I was a kid, my life would have taken a completely different direction.
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