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Default Bass wiring

Hey guys,

I have a Samick Custom bass that I got for free. I think someone tried to rewire it at some point. I am looking for a wiring diagram for it, but I'm not finding anything. It has four knobs and two pickups.
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Just find a wiring diagram for a ES335 or Les Paul and wire it to match. It's pretty obvious that it's two volumes and two tones. If the potentiometers are still there, you don't even have to guess at what values to use. Just shield all the cavities and ground the tail piece to one of the potentiometers. Use a STAR ground system by running all ground wires to one place. Most folks use the volume control can because it's midway between the pickup's, tail piece, other electronics, and output Jack. Have fun.
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Tony Done
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Yes, just use a 4-knob Gibson layout.

One mod I find very useful is "J-bass"wiring, in which the middle switch position allows any blend of neck and middle pickups. This is done by running the pickup hot to the middle lug of the volume pot rather than to the hot lug. The hot lug of the volume pot goes to the switch.
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