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Default NBD Ibanez Talman TMB30

I recently got a new Ibanez TMB30, it has a very unique vibe with a vintage retro style and a simple set of Dynamix J and P pickups, using a volume knob for independent control of each pickup and a one tone knob for both pickups. I'm not a bass player but it sure sound good to me playing it clean through an old 80s vintage flea market Yamaha amp.

It came set up very well out of the box, I didn't have to make any adjustments to the action or the intonation. With the short 30" scale it's very easy to play, which is a plus if you're like me and small stubby fingers. The TMB30 has solid mahogany body that adds some heft to it but it is nicely contoured for a comfortable fit.
The only changes I made were personal preference changes, I've never been a fan of plastic so I added billet knobs and not being a bass player I got horrendous squeek when sliding up the strings so I went with D'Adarrio flat wound nylon coated strings that play like butta.
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