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Hawk Just getting started Hawk Just getting started

The quickest way to determine market value on a used item is via eBay. Search using the model name, click the box for sold items on the left and it will show you how much they are going for, either new or used.
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gokusims Just getting started

Second part too, thanks again.
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caduprado Just getting started

Hey guys, I have a question... let's see if someone can help.

I was checking out this link http://www.homerecordingconnection.c...w_story&id=154 , which is the "Recording Advice" on the first post.

I found the theory very interesting, and I think I understood it perfectly. However, I wonder one thing: When I used Reaper last night to record a lead solo on top of a BT, I opened the EQ on each track and I couldn't see the "graph" regarding the sound waves EQ, like in the aforementioned link. There was only a flat line over all frequencies with same intensity value so I could change them over this reference value.

Am I supposed to give it lots of trails and errors to find which frequencies I should boost/clip by ear only or is it possible to see the graph generated by the guitar track and the backing track and I'm doing something wrong?

I'm not sure if I made myself clear, anyway..
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Master Of Strings
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Master Of Strings Just getting started

Great links but some of the links are down. Is it possible that you can edit them? Thanks !
Failure is success if we learn from it.
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