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mountainecho Just getting started
Default Percussive/fingerstyle acoustic - where to start?

A bit of background - I've been playing piano for over 10 years. I'm fine with music theory and all that side of things. I'd like to start playing the percussive style of acoustic guitar. Sungha Jung's style is a very obvious example, and I also really like the arrangements of a less known guitarist, osamuraisan (can't post URLs but his stuff is on YouTube)

The difficulty I have with the style of guitar I'd like to play is that tabs are so intuitive. Unlike piano music where's it just - press this note for this long, many of guitar tabs don't tell you where to strum or hit or pick, it's almost as though you should be able to tell from the song itself. Being a beginner I haven't picked up enough experience to be able to do that.

I'm a bit lost on where to start. Just playing pieces that I like the sound of is very difficult as I don't know what techniques to use. Would you recommend starting with books and exercises instead? That way I'll start being able to tell how the tabs should be played. If so, what's worth checking out? What sort of things should I practise?
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If you can read music, you should never fool with TABS. TABS started out as a shortcut to playing without having to learn to read music. Over the years, TAB readers figured out that the TAB told them what finger to put where and if they never heard the song before and had no idea of what it sounded like, they didn't know how long to hold the notes. Then some Genius decided to complicate the TAB thing by adding more info on how long to hold the notes. Then they added more information and more information until reading TABS became more difficult than reading real music. Now, the real question that you're asking is about technique. Picking technique will vary depending on what sound you are trying to achieve. Pick up near the neck and the pick the same note about an inch in front of the bridge and you'll notice a distinct difference in the sound and attack. If you watch guitarists closely, they will move their picking around while playing and take advantage of the brightness, mellowness of the notes and the harshness or non-harshness of the attack. If you are watching videos of the people you are trying to emulate, then they are already showing you were to pick.
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Yoann Just getting started

It's good that you have a good musical theory it will help you a lot, because lots of the tunes are in open tuning.
Now for the right hand technics, I think the best is to work with video/methods, because it's easier to see someone doing the gesture than just reading or listening somerthing.
There are several nice videos on youtube but I know that Don Ross have made some nice step by step methods to learn his tune. I would recommend these ones first
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