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halfdiminished Just getting started

While it's true that you can get much more out of a short focused practice session than from hours of noodling, I think nothing, repeat nothing, is an actual replacement for time spent on the guitar. Also, practice plans and measurable metrics with attainable targets are a big help.

Right now, I'm trying to put in 2 practice sessions a day: one early in the morning, about 30 minutes and one in the evening, at least 45 minutes; before the kids wake up and after they sleep. While this is not a very small amount of time, I recently had some more free time and I can tell you that practicing more per day made my progress much bigger.

My theory is that there is a lot of muscle memory involved, and while there are certainly hacks to learn faster, it just takes time and hard work to see good progress.
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Originally Posted by stecarey View Post
It's nice to know from my beginners perspective that you can improve just by playing as opposed to sitting down and trying to play what to learn.
At the moment I've been going back to the very basics of chord changing and accuracy through the pentatonic scale as well as a bit of eat training on an app i just purchased. I've also been working on Back in Black and I think the chord changing and accuracy has really helped with my playing!!
Time spent with the instrument, whether it's in depth learning, running through things you already know, or perfecting skills, is helpful. Playing strummy campfire songs can help with your lead playing, and vice versa.

It's important to spend some time really focusing, but that "fun time" is productive too. Knowing this can help you through those difficult periods you inevitably run into.
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brightside Just getting started

I probably practice for an hour or more every day when I'm not super busy. I'm still a student so I usually can't manage much more than that, and it's usually pretty spread out throughout the day. If I can't sleep, then I might get in several hours before I go to bed.

When I was still learning guitar, my guitar teacher told me I should practice at least 15-30 minutes a day.
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PKVeazey Just getting started

I practice a bit everyday. Sometimes its 30 minutes to an hour and sometimes I'll practice 3 or 4 times in one day. I think the original question was, "How much should I practice?" I'll tell you what my guitar Guru told me when I asked him how much should I practice. He said, "I don't care if you practice at all. What I do care about is when you come back next week, you're able to play everything I taught you really well." So the real answer is, you practice as much as it takes to get to the level you need to.
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Yoann Just getting started

Sure regularity is key. Another important aspect is the time you think of your practising (without the instrument), of the difficulties you may have, about the song you try to learn etc. I know some brain studies in sport that shows that "thinking time" was key for athlets but I do think it's more or less the same for musicians
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