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Default Fishman TriplePlay

Hi !
Here’s a quick test of the wireless MIDI controller Fishman TriplePlay.

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Hurricane Ramon
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Thumbs up Cool Sounding Midi

Hello Oilid :

Really nice sounds . I tried to post a comment on you Youtube page and as I was typing and I hit to send
the comment it went to the next video of Pete Thorn playing the FTP heh heh !

¿ How do you like it so far ?

That's the first time that happen , usually the message just disappears when the next video automatically loads .

I've been into midi since 2005/6 my electric guitar , and acoustic guitar finger style chops I developed
because of midi needing clean technique . I've a Godin LGXSA & Roland GR33 .

EZ :

It started for me with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in 54 on a Blues Harp and progressed , then life .....some death ....Evolving as I went like a small rock in a stream rounding out as I went with the flow as I go through the white waters and waterfalls of life . Life has always been interesting to me
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