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Default Full fretboard decal to hide inlays?

Hey guys, noob here. I know there are decals to change the inlays but I want an entire, 24 fret set to completely cover the horrendous looking "shark teeth" on my RG. Ideally, it would be just plain wood veneer that cover the ENTIRE fret. Maybe I will add offset dots or just leave them blank, I like both looks. Does anyone know a place to find something like this?

I have an idea that maybe I could simply order the decal material (.0001 vinyl or whatever) in black and just cut them myself. Anyone ever do something like this?
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Wont work.
Your strings will tear up any decal you put on the board. Plus, in the aftermath you'll probably ruin the board when trying to remove whats left of the decal.
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Tony Done
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Welcome to the forum.

I think it would work, but how long it would last would depend on your touch. I can't see how anything self-adhesive could damage the board in a way that couldn't be fix with a little mild solvent.

Do some Google research on sources and durability. I had a quick look, and the whole thing looked favourable.
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