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kaiburns Just getting started

Originally Posted by Highroller View Post
King of Limbs didn't do much for me, seemed like outakes from In Rainbows, which it wasn't, but it seemed like it was. Kid A, which I liked when it came out - rarely listen to it anymore.

Amnesiac (recorded at the same time as Kid A), In Rainbows, and OK Computer are my favorites.

Everything else falls somewhere between those.

Knives Out from Amnesiac might be my all time favorite Radiohead song. How can anybody call that "uninteresting"? Beautiful guitar work on that one...
Whoops, I forgot to mention Knives Out when I talked about Amne... lol
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rigolo Just getting started

Got into the fan club concert at Shepherds Bush Empire about 15 years ago - it was an amazing event and I was just a few sweaty spectators away from the front. Shamefully, I only knew Creep and Karma Police. Would love to turn back time and be back there again now. Despite not knowing most of the songs it was an incredible evening.
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