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Grogshla Just getting started
Default Need help with stompboxes

Hi there,
Hope everyone is good!
Just have a question for you.
I need to set up my stompboxes and was wondering a good order to set them up in.

My pedals are:

Boss - Tuner (tu1)
Digitech - Metal Master
Boss Eq - GE7
Boss Digital Delay - DD7
Boss Noise Suppressor - NS2
Boss Compressor Sustainer - CS3
Boss Line Selector - LS2

The plan is to use these pedals through my DSL100 to get a good thrash sound (rhythm and solo tone).

Basically I want the tuner, metal master, compressor and noise gate on line 1.
Then for my solo (engaged by the line selector) I will add the delay and eq (for boost and to bump up the mids).

What would the best way be to set up these stompboxes. Thanks for the help.
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Tuner >> Compressor >> Noise Gate >> Line Selector >> AMP
>> Noise Gate Loop >>
<< Metal Master <<
LINE2>> EQ >> Delay >> AMP
Edit: Try to make that more clear for my suggestion. Couldn't quite count out all the INDENTS during my break at work. The Metal Master should be the only thing in the NR loop. That's just because it's probably a noisy pedal. Follow it with the Line Selector, as described.

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blueshift1 Just getting started

I'm doing this from the stand point of taking all your initial effects + the add ins from the solo (I believe that is what you're trying to do).

I would do something similar to srinivassa, but with a slight modification

Tuner > Noise Supressor Input > Noise Suppressor Send > Compressor > Metal Master > Noise Suppressor Return> Noise Supressor Output > Line Selector Input - Line Selector Output > Amp

and in the A or B channel : A/B Send > EQ > Delay > A/B Return

There is no perfect scenario, you have to play around with it to get the sound you want. However this is why I chose to do it this way. The LS-2 will need to be on (A+B)(Bypass) setting

-To begin with, you don't want a Dely in the Noise Suppressor loop. You will kill the decay
-I always prefer distortion before delay. It's a personal thing and you will need to experiement with it before or after to see what you prefer.
-I always thing tuner first and outside of everything, so that is why it is not in the NS loop.

EDIT: As an afterthought, I would definitely reccomend getting a pedal board, becaue that would be a complete hassle to setup/breakdown just because all of the loops
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I bought A Line 6 M9 and dumped the 11 pedals I bought.. I figure if one unit can't stop the headache of signal sucking and noise inducer, then I don't need it.

I thought having separate pedals was the thing up to a point. Each to their own..

I spent half my time setting up my pedal chain and in a different room size I had to tweak this and that... I had one pedal that when it was engaged it jacked the signal around 6 db with no control to lessen it. The last thing was this HUGE board that stuck out catching the feet when walking by in the house..

Just keep it simple and selective..
The above suggestion look good too, two methods of attacking the train..
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