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Default Traveler Escape EG 1 or 2 thoughts

Hello out there in Guitarland:

Can anybody give me an informed opinion about the Traveler Escape EG1 or EG 2 travel guitar? While looking around last evening online for something else, I stumbled on this guitar and became instantly intrigued. I own a mini Yamaha FG-Jr. that I bought as a fun knock around guitar (best $99 I ever spent), but after looking at the Traveler EG 1 and 2 models, I began thinking it might be fun to give this a shot.

I am considering this for a few practical reasons. First, it might be fun to have a travel electric. Second, I am trying to develop my skills more toward a rockin' sound than the typical fingerpick and acoustic thing I have going on right now. Love playing my Martin acoustic, but I want to really learn how to rock out a bit more and my Strat / Fender Champ 25 combo is not getting me the type of tone I want. Plus, (I have two small children) when I want to jam at night and turn things up, I don't want to keep my entire family up with me. The EG guitars look like a really nice, practical way to kill several birds with one stone. And the price looks favorable.

I'm dying to hear from somebody who owns / owned one of these things and/or someone who has a good, educated opinion about them. I want to know if it is a real instrument - not a toy - that it stays together, that it plays well, that it sounds legitimate... plus any other notable details.

Bonus Question: I would prefer the single humbucker pickup configuration of the EG1, but the ability to play MP3 tracks into the EG2 seems like an interesting feature. Can someone give me advice as between the 2 models of EG's???

It looks legit to me, and I will play one somewhere before I buy, but please let me know about these Traveler guitars...



PS: I did try to find existing forums and posts on this guitar. Sorry if there is an obvious one hanging out there that I missed.
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